Valentines 2017


Deluxe Boat Dinner

Vegetable Croquette

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura

Peter Roll

Tuna & Salmon Nigiri*

Salmon Teriyaki


Seaweed Salad

Fruit Sides

Ice Cream

80.00 for two


Matcha Green Tea Mousse w/ Chocolate Cake and Caramel Shards


Valentine’s Day 2017 Kitchen Menu

We will have a limited kitchen menu for the evening of February 14th, and a full sushi bar menu. Reservations are highly recommended. We look forward to serving you this Valentine’s Day! Call to reserve now 978-499-0044


Winter Specials 2016

img_2734Sukiyaki is back along with our winter specials! Come in for your yearly fixes of bubbling hot nabe and seasonal dishes.

img_2689Kara Age – Deep fried and juicy marinated chicken thighs with side of curry mayonnaise

img_2681Ebi Kaki – Extra jumbo shrimps and oysters fried in panko breadcrumbs with side of Japanese mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce

img_2666Dumont Roll – Avocado and cucumber roll topped with spicy tuna, black tobiko and daikon sprouts, finished with sweet soy glaze

img_2712Sukiyaki Dinner Set – Beef, noodles, tofu and vegetables in a bubbling sweet soy broth

Natsu Matsuri 2016



11:30 Food and games open

1:15 Entertainment starts with Taiko performance by Genki Spark

1:35 Tewassa (Tsunami victim support group) Report

Koto (Japanese harp) by Kimiko Abramoff

Music Japanese song

2:00 Bon Odori (Folk dance)

2:30 Event finished


Yo-Yo Balloon Fishing, Gold Fish, Shooting, Kendama, Wanage (Rope Toss)

Booths: Shodou (Japanese Calligraphy) by Kumiko Gomi

Japanese Tea Ceremony by Kimiko Abramoff, Yoshiko Moik

Kimono Experience by Kimono Group of Boston, Tewassa and Genki Spark


Sushi, Takoyaki (fried dough balls with octopus), Kara-Age (fried chicken), Yakisoba $5 each

Edamame $3

Ice Cream $3

Soda, water $1.5 each

Wine, Cold Sake $7 each

Hot Sake, Beer $5 each