Catering Menu


Appetizer Combo A (24 pcs) 39.00 Combo B (48 pcs) 75.00

yakitori, kushikatsu, shumai, gyoza, edamame


Boxed Meals and Large serving size entrees available from $10/person


Veggie Roll (34 pcs) 28.00

inari basket, avocado-cucumber, sweet potato, shiitake, garden

Cooked Sushi Roll (41 pcs) 42.00

futomaki, california, shrimp tempura, philly, rock’n, boston

Sushi Roll* (48 pcs) 55.00

spicy tuna, spicy salmon, california, avocado-cucumber, tony, christine, rainbow

Nigiri + Roll Combo A* (36 pcs) 65.00

assorted nigiri, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado-cucumber

Nigiri + Roll Combo B* (55 pcs) 94.00

assorted nigiri, tony, christine, california, futomaki, avocado-cucumber

Nigiri + Roll Combo C* (82 pcs) 130.00

assorted nigiri, tony, christine, rock’n, california, avocao-cucumber, sweet potato

Assorted Sashimi Plate* 50.00 and up

Speak to one of our servers for custom platters and sushi boat display rentals!

*Indicated the item is intentionally prepared raw or undercooked. Raw or undercooked foods may increase the risks of food-bourne illnesses.