Season of Giving – Holiday Photos at Hana


The season of thanks and giving is here! Many of our staff are talented artists, and our photographer is now offering mini photo sessions for our customers.

Tewassa Boston is an on-going volunteer project supporting Japan’s tsunami and earthquake victims. You may remember them from our annual Natsu Matsuri events. During the month of November, we would like to support them by donating 40% of proceeds from the shoots towards their project. Contact Shino for more information.

Tewassa started as a way for the restless Japanese living in Boston to send their love to evacuated victims by sending crafted quilts. The volunteers “bring hearts together” by meeting to sew the quilts every week and educating children about the disaster and recovery efforts. By working together with children, the hope is to raise the next generation with skills and knowledge to help in future situations. They fund the quilt projects by doing demonstrations, selling handcrafted goods at Graymist Studios in Cambridge, and donations.

Autumn-Winter Specials

Torched Salmon, pesto, sweet unagi sauce, pickled ginger

Torched Sea Bass, momiji oroshi (grated radish w/ red chili),  lemon zest, scallion, ponzu citrus soysauce

Seared Pepper Tuna, spinach, tomato, feta, red wine vinaigrette

Vegetable Gyoza

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Come in from the cooling temperatures outside and warm up with Tonkotsu and Shoyu Ramen!

Rich hearty broth, large slices of marinated braised pork, and eggs combined with our thick and springy egg noodles will fill you up ready to take on the rest of your work day, or make a great end to a day.

Lately we have been getting asked “why don’t you do take-out ramen?”

Ramen if not eaten immediately after it is cooked loses it’s elasticity and becomes soggy, even if contained separated from the broth. You want to eat it at its peak, when it’s piping hot and noodles perfect. To keep the integrity of the dish we have the no-takeout policy. Please enjoy it at its best dining-in with us!

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Lunch Specials

For a limited time, Kara Age and Aspara Maki are available as lunch specials!

karaageKara Age – juicy ginger and garlic marinated fried chicken w/ side of curry mayo sauce. With rice, salad, miso soup 11.50

asparamakiAspara Maki – savory and sweet asparagus and carrot rolled in beef w/ teriyaki sauce. With rice, salad, miso soup 13.50


Kake Udon – Chilled Udon w/ iced dashi, tempura flakes, scallion and poached egg10.50

Remember to come by Aug 16th for the annual summer event!

Natsu Matsuri 2015

DATE  Aug 16 2015     11:30 am3:00 pm
ENTERTAINMENT    12: 00 pm start
                                       Taiko Japanese drum performance by Genki Spark Boston
                                       Japanese dance Yosakoi  Hana 4
                                       Kendo Japanese Fencing demonstration by Yoshikimi Hisano
                                       Kimono Show by Boston Kimono Club
                                       Hawaiian Hula Dance by Atsuko Nemoto of Hawai’i  Nei Boston
                                       Ukulele Performance by Southern New Hampshire Ukulele Group
                                       Koto stringed instrument performance by Mieko Yamamoto
                                      Tewassa No Kai support of Japan tsunami victims
                                      Boston Church Youth Band
GAME         Yo-Yo Fusen, Water balloon fishing, Kingyo Sukui gold fishing, Shateki toy rifle shooting, Wanage
FOOD         Yakisoba, Pork Katsu Sandwich, Kara Age Japanese Fried Chicken, Tako Yaki, Sushi, Ice Cream, Drinks