Long weekend!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. We are too! Hana will reopen for lunch Weds 10/11. Thank you and have a great break!


Natsu Matsuri 2017 Schedule


11:30 Door open
Food  service, games, booths open
1:00  Entertainment
Shishimai (Japanese Lion Dance )
Minyo (Japanese Folk  Dance)
Hawaiian Dance
Youth Dance
Tewassa Report  (Japan Tsunami )
1:40  Genki Spark Taiko (Japanese Drum )
2:00  Bon Odori (Japanese Communal Dance)
2:30  End
Vegetable Yakisoba pan-fried egg noodles $7
Takoyaki octopus doughballs – Japan’s #1 street food  $7
Kara Age Japanese style marinated fried chicken $7
California Roll $5
Avocado & Cucumber Roll $5
Nigiri Sushi tuna,salmon,shrimp $6
Combo Sushi futomaki, california, inari $7
Ice Cream vanilla, ginger, or green tea $3.
Bottled Water, Canned Soda  $1.5
Ice Tea, Ice Green Tea  $2
Wine $8   Sake L $8 S$5  Beer $5
Japanese tea ceremony $1/person
Shodo (Japanese writing) $1

Origami Free
Game Ticket   $1/single ticket   $5/six tickets
Rifle shooting, water balloon fishing, goldfishing, loop throw


Valentines 2017


Deluxe Boat Dinner

Vegetable Croquette

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura

Peter Roll

Tuna & Salmon Nigiri*

Salmon Teriyaki


Seaweed Salad

Fruit Sides

Ice Cream

80.00 for two


Matcha Green Tea Mousse w/ Chocolate Cake and Caramel Shards


Valentine’s Day 2017 Kitchen Menu

We will have a limited kitchen menu for the evening of February 14th, and a full sushi bar menu. Reservations are highly recommended. We look forward to serving you this Valentine’s Day! Call to reserve now 978-499-0044