Daikon Salad 5.75

Sliced daikon radish, seaweed w/ sweet rice vinegar, lemon

Ika Yaki 9.75

Grilled whole calamari w/ sweet soy sauce



Yasai Roll 5.75

Asparagus, yamagobo burdock root, kaiware sprouts

Akabeko Roll* 14.50

Avocado-cucumber rolled with soy crepe topped with spicy tuna and kaiware sprouts

Macadamia Roll 8.95

Broiled eel and avocado roll topped with crushed macadamia nuts, sweet eel sauce,
and kaiware sprouts



Hiyashi Chuuka 17.50

Chilled ramen egg noodles with soy-sesame vinaigrette topped with cucumber, tomato, 
salad greens, sweet egg omelet, seaweed, chashu pork, jellyfish and red ginger

As you can see, our featured ingredient this season is Kaiware! Kaiware (kai-wah-re) are also known as Daikon microgreens, or giant Japanese radish sprouts. These little sprouts have a powerful radish taste and refreshing peppery finish, great for garnish and livening up salads.

Also for a limited time, we have started a service for those ladies wanting to learn about and wear a traditional Japanese Kimono. Available with or without a portrait package. More info coming soon.




New Menu Design

We’ve redesigned the look, with photos for our lunch menu! Please note there has been price changes for some of our items. Takeout menu will be coming soon.

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Sushi Menu

Valentine’s Day 2014

Friday is only three days away, make your reservation now! Free gift for couples (until we run out!)

Call to reserve 978-499-0044

Please note that day we will only be serving from menu below, as well as full sushi menu.

Microsoft Word - Valentine's Day.docx

Winter Menu and Hot Pot!

Winter Specials are here. Come in from the cold and enjoy kabocha and apple tempura, or enjoy a hot pot – for one, or to share! Click to enlarge.

Winter Menu Web


Osechi 2013


ramen flyer


Autumn Menu Specials

Autumn Menucolor


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